Cogito Ergo Sum

I'm a Mexican girl living in Yuma, Arizona, hoping to soon move to LA.
This blog consists of vintage Chicanos with some kpop.

Selena Quintanilla es mi reina y mi inspiracion.

YG FAMILY <3 I like kpop, tattoos, Mexico, cute things, Disney, oppar, Halloween, Old Hollywood, pinups, books

get to know me meme: favorite male biasDong Youngbae

Just because you’re an idol, I don’t think you have restrictions on what you can and can’t do. People often ask, “Because you’re an idol, you shouldn’t be doing this, no?” That never crossed my mind. The reason I became a musician is because I wanted to do what I always imagined. There shouldn’t be a preconception of what an idol is.

(vía iminkkii)